If U Survive Here...

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My boss said that whoever can survive here can survive elsewhere...may be it is truth...The nature of work here quite different from others...u wont have time to enjoy or to have fun with ur frenz... U have limited time to do other things..like today, we got to do some work..personally requested by PM... i have to stay until xxx time (only god know when we can finish it)...we got it at 12.45 am..tomorrow morning have to send it back to PMO...what a hectic nite i have today...this is my routine every year..when the budget retreat was held fantastically (hahaha is it?), i have to cut my connection with others..sad..but for the nation rite!! someone have to do it..if not me..maybe it is u?? for those who like challenges...are welcome to be in BEA (the hell of MOF - that my tagline ok..no offended)

To my dearest friends..i miss all of you..i cant c u but will always follow the news via facebook, email and etc...

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