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Yup...among the winning team..yippie..yippie..got the third place...bringing home RM150 and a piala yang cantik...first game we lost..dammit..to a team with all 'guy killerzzz' type..called themselves team ayu..how came we lost to them..they won against us but lost against others. hehehehe...That time..i just wanna go home and went outing with someone..hahaha but second game we seri beb dgn tuan rumah...our confidence doubled up..can we went to the next level??? have to wait another 2 hours before we have to fight tax division..as we thought..we win against them..so far we only lost to kewangan and always win against the tax division.. Then have to wait the last match between team ayu and team tuan rumah....kalo seri we have chance to go for semi..the result is seri 1-1...becoz we r not very familiar dgn rules die..we tought dah kalah dah..so mmg angkat beg nak cau dulu..aleh aleh..dgr announcement " naib johan kumpulan A adalah team BEA" oh mygooosh... i cant believe it..we won..based on kiraan bolos..tak tau la macam mana diorg kire... yang penting masuk semi...the league is the toughest game i ever had..mmg main mati-matian..We have to fight the champion from kumpulan B, which is team kewangan..musuh seteru kitorg..so far asyik kalah jer dgn team ni..macam yg diduga..memang kalah lagi sekali..untuk penentuan for third and fourth place BEA vs. Tax again..hahaha we r from the same kumpulan what!! of course la kitorg belasah tax lagi sekali...and at last..the game finished..i got the remarkable piala..dah tua-dua baru dapat piala on sport pulak tu..piala on academician banyak arrr...this tournament finished at 11 pm..balik mmg so tired..kena marah lagi sebab cancel kan date last minit.. esok of course tak leh bgn..tak leh jln...


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