When you eat something good, you smile rite?

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I read somewhere about this:

" When you eat something good, you smile "

I luv to make others smile.

So here, another good and simple recipe for all to try. Try your best to cook it and make others smile.

Flan Recipe a.k.s puding gula hangus

To make 4 flans, all you need are below:
13/4 cup of milk
5 table spoon sugar
3 eggs
vanilla essence (secukup rasa)
Caramel souce made with sugar and 1 water (3:1)

Next you should:
1) Put milk on low heat and add some sugar into it. Stir well and stop the heat before the milk boil. Leave it to cool.
2. Break eggs into bowl and stir well. After that, put the milk in step 1 into the bowl and stir again gently. Then, put in some vanilla essence.
4. Pour the mixture above through strainer to make the mix soft and smooth.
5. Make the caramel souce in a small pot. Put sugar and water into the pot and stir the mixture on high heat very quickly until the colour change to brownish. Turn off the heat.
6. Put the caramel sauce into 4 cups.
7. Next, put the mixture in step 4 into the cups over the caramel sauce then steam.
8. After done steaming the flans. Cool it. Then, keep it in the refrigerator

Tips: Poke a hole in the flans with toothpick and if juices doesn't come out, it's done. Better to serve it with whipped cream or fruits.


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