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tadi baca blog si kiera and she gave her review on lagenda budak setan..i thought i wanna gave my preview of this story..Prince Persia: sand of time...Overall 4.5 bintang..aku suka hero nyer yang so yes-yes..cant say no-no ..he's hensem macho..gentleman..ermmm prince charming type...the heroin pun cantik..masa tgk citer nie..spnjng masa duk pk..where have i saw this young lady (tue sgt ker aku nie)? it..she's the bond gurl...

To the script writer..congrate..u berjaya make me twisted...i tgk bagai nak rak and last last i tertipu...dammit...u r gud at manipulating the audience..i love it...Jalan cerita pun i giving a bias statement (~lalala~ aku nie dah la mmg type-type yang suka spiderwick, harry porter, narnia punya story)..

This story macam ader gabungan citer the mummy cikit..desert..oasis..camel bla..bla..myth sikit..ala-ala citer the myth --> kepada peminat citer ini pasti anda akan suka menonton citer ini..for guy's..the storyline may be a little bit slow..but for gurls..u wont notice bout it..ok lah itu jer yg nak aku share kan..kalo bagi full korang tak tgk pulak citer nie kat wayang..

p/s: wanna watch another movie..i love going to cinema..


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