My secret recipe...

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Today i feel like sharing my cocktail recipe with all my best friends!!

All you need to make that delicious cocktail is money and time coz you need to go shopping.....hehehe

You need to buy

1) 1 can of cocktail fruits with heavy syrup, pineapples cubes, grapes and etc.....yummy.. my preference is Du Chef cocktail
2) 1 can of evaporated milk.
3) 1 bottle of ready-made nata de cocoa.
4) 1 can of lychee with syrup
5) Ice cube

Then, pour/combine all the ingredients into a bowl and wallah your super-delicious cocktail is ready to be serve.

P/s: If you want to make it colourful, you can put pudding (mango, lychee or strawbery) or change evaporated milk with soda.


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