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Dear blog,

Ni hou ma,

Eventhough a little bit late to post my event/mission during that specific day.. but still i wanna update u wif my story. That day will remained among the sweetest day of my 25-to-be-26-years of living in this magnificent creation of God..ahaks..ahaks.. my 'order routing' of the event for your heart to receive, my sweety blog..

10.10.10 --> my bff wedding at Taman Bukit Rambai, Melaka (Jannah & Haqi, her big brother Tuah & wifey) --> haiyo (me) cam ner nak gi nie --> ting tong idea came --> Have to persuade someone to accompany me.. at least i have a friend during the trip..if i lost..i lost wif someone too..so, losing in a alien state not so scary ma.. --> after the kenduri dah blh balik ke putrajaya --> mission accomplished..

That's the short story of my mission.. The lengthy one is as below:

Timeline of 10.10.10

10.45 am
texting 'im otw to pick u up'.

received call 'ermm can u fetch me @ 11.15++ am..tidying my house..forget to look at the time..sorry darling'...ok lah i dont mind to reschedule our trip hehe...becoz i have sumting else in my mind.. oh no..'where's my shoe..my shining blinky high 2 and 1/2 inches heel'.. have to find it if not i dont have glamorous blink blink shoe to wear anymore...

11.15 am
Off me go to fetch my sweetheart darling bla..bla..bla friend haha (puji lebih sikit kerana terhutang budi padanya)..i managed to find the heels too..yippie..melaram time..

12.30 pm
Not-in-putrajaya-area-anymore....so jauh la nak drive gi Melaka..ermmm kad kawen pun tak diterima lagi..redah sajer ke Melaka wif mms of the map to bukit rambai.. boring la duduk dalam keta lama-lama..kaco my partner..looking at the scenery to Melaka..trying to remember the route to go there..kaco org lagi..talking..listening to radio..kaco org lagi..stop at Petronas..bought snack...talking..kaco org lagi..bla..bla..bla..

Dah sampai ke Bukit Rambai..challenging to try and understanding the map...sesat sudah..mana Jalan Teruna 5 nie..aku tak jumpa nie..

Aku berjaya sampai..makan..jumpa Jane and her driver-kitorg-dulu-merangkap-hubby-jane-skrg..bagi hadiah..amek gambor..jumpa mak die..talking wif her and hubby..again kena tanya soklan cepucemas..hiyo..ya ya ya.. i knew our clicks tinggal beberapa kerat jer lagi yg masih single mingle..haiyoooooooo..

Ermmm dtg tak jumpa pantai klebang...balik jumpa la pulak..sesat again??? tak perlah..sekali sekala sajor..ingat nak gi bandar Melaka..dah alang-alang sampai aper salahnyer touring rite!! hehehe..opps terlepas jalan..ok tried another route ok..drove again..opss o did it again..stress..balik jolah..sonang citer..

On the highway again..so many cars..busses pun a lot too..laju lak tu..my lady persona tried to overtake bus..n guess what.the bus won..hampehh...

Solat at Seremban RnR..beli kacang rebus yang panas..tapi tak makan pun...dreber yang lebih makan..layan jer..krg ader kena tinggal kat RnR..

Drove to Putrajaya

Safely arrived at Putrajaya..

That my story..malam pulak i g karoke wif my hosmetsss.. hehehe..penat tahap ultraman sudah...The sad news..i heard from Berita Utama..ader accident kat highway tu around 6-7 sumthing..lucky for us..but not for them..a lot of people died..condolence to them..Al-Fatihah..

Warm wishes,


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