The Wacky World of Exclusively Pumping

Why do people exclusively pump?

Because we feel breastmilk is best even in a bottle. Women exclusively pump for various reasons including premature babies, babies in NICU, cleft palate, uncomfortable breast-feeding in public, tongue tied, or inverted/flat nipples. The list could go on forever. However, most of us that end up exclusively pumping would much prefer to directly breastfeed if that worked. Pumping is a ton of work. It is like combining breast and bottle feeding together. You will spend hours hooked up to a machine and others cleaning bottles and pump parts.

You will likely still get some of the joys of breast-feeding like plugged ducts, cracked nipples, engorgement, and even possibly mastitis. When you tell friends, family, other moms or even your own doctor they will probably look at you like you are crazy. Just to let you know you are not alone and no matter why you chose this you should be very proud of yourself. Some of us kept trying to get our babies back to our breast; some were successful and some not, others have chosen not to go there again as issues with breast-feeding couldn't be resolved or we chose to just let it go. Some of us have made it a week, others months and some miracle moms a year.

How do you answer, "Do you breastfeed?"

This can be an awkward thing for many exclusive pumpers. Often you feel you don't fit in with either breast-feeding or formula-feeding moms. Some people say yes, some no, sometimes you go into lengthy details on what you do and why. Remember this, it is no one's business unless you want it to be. You can explain your situation and people will just think you are crazy and may never understand why you just can't breastfeed or why, if it was so hard, you just don't formula feed.

Everyday you pump is a success. If you exclusively pump a day, a week, a month, 6 months or one year or more every drop of breastmilk your baby gets is a gift. So many moms give up on breast-feeding. We want people to know there is another option. We understand how hard it is so if you chose to supplement with formula or had enough of this crazy pump thing you also have our full support.

Exclusively pumping is so challenging!!! Be strong moms.. Dont give up..



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