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My jobscope is related to the financial system inclusive capital market development. ... Those yang interested to abitrage on ringgit, now is THE PERFECT TIMING (my personal opinion la)...Try holds Thailand Baht or Chinese Yuan or Euro...I hold a sum of Chinese Yuan..Not much..but boleh la untung sikit if i change it to RM...hehehe..saki baki duit masa gi Shanghai last year...Still remember dulu the exchange rate was RM1 = Chinese Yuan 0.50xx, now RM1= Chinese Yuan 0.51xx..untung 1 cent..if i have 50 yuan, dulu equal to +/-RM25, now +/-RM25.50...kalo ader 500 yuan???? Saper nak bagi duit kat kiter even though RM1 kan...The next months i think i will see a weaker greenback on concerns of heavy carry trade activity. Again..this is my opinion only...


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