Dalam hati ada taman bunga yang harum mewangi semerbak kasturi...

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This post is attributed to the post "Hati bunga-bunga"... hahaha sometime i love to mengomel in my blog..just bare wif me..

Nothing much i can say.. I love you so much..Even though i dont know how to express my feeling but sincerely i do care about you.. i know sometime i'm a little bit harsh to you or extremely yell at you with high-pitch tone ala-ala ziana zain..but deep inside my heart.. i want you to be a proper lady wif no cacat cela...hahaha ewah ..not that im so perfect..but you are older than me..act like some..give me advise..show more your side that i don't see yet..responsibility come first especially safety of the households..hahaha macam aku ni hebat sgt kan..sometime i have to sms tanya bende pelik2x like "xxxxxx, aku lupa nak tgk aku dah tutup suis iron..tlg tgk" while tgh driving at 120 kmh (selalu kuar lambat so kena la buat superspeed driving)...what else i can say..emmmmm..i love the way you talk to others..soft spoken with soft heart.. if talked to elderly..senang jer nak tackle hati..banyak la aku membebel..sumer citer pasal i like jer..i dont like pun ader gak..10 things i hate bout u...suspen betul kan...well it is a life kan.. life is not fair..kenalah ader give and take...i like to act sister-like type..and you are some sort of childish manja-manja..ngam la tu..ehem..ehem..

Apepun..we are already pass through the first round..need to struggle, hustle and bustle to go up the the next phase..life make us mature..life make us notice the gems we have..life make us open our eyes..life is so much fun wif love in the air (air freshner yg kiter beli tu namanya love...sgt wangi)...life is an adventure..rock us now...

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F.a.d. R.o.y berkata...

untung si dia dpt kau sebagai teman sejati..

light berkata...

kira ko pun beruntung jugaklah..