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Five Benefits of Natural Beauty Products
Why choose natural beauty products? After baca these facts, everyone will know why we need to go for natural remedies! so ape lagi Go for Shaklee natural  beauty range products..

First of all, natural beauty products are

1.) Produk mesra alam..suka..suka..suka.. The manufacturing of chemical filled beauty products puts those chemicals into the environment, and down your drain! Sian kat ikan..hidup dalam air yang berchemical..

2.) Taking those chemicals out of the life, leaves you and your loved ones free of irritation from perfumes, dyes, and much more. Dont you love it?

3.) Why all beauty products have to smell so strong! The reason is this: the chemicals that are in them have scents, and no one would buy the products if they could smell the chemicals. Tepek kat muka bahan2x kimia..rosak kulit muka taww...Therefore, they have to be masked with fragrances that cause many people headaches and discomfort. OOOOOHH NOOOO..... Natural products don’t have all of those fake fragrances! They simply smell like the natural products they are made of.

4.) Keep your endocrine system healthy! Parabens that are in most non-natural beauty products get into your bloodstream and can alter the functioning of your endocrine system. Who knew that cute packaging could be so cruel? Am i rite?


5.) Chemical filled products penetrate your skin!  The average woman puts 200 chemicals on her skin daily from beauty products. These chemicals are released into your bloodstream when soaked into your skin. And obviously, that’s not a good thing. Karang tak pasai kena makan vivix pulak...untuk baiki kesihatan sel badan..

Shaklee 100% offers natural, chemical free beauty products to keep you healthy and free of chemical stuff! so start your routine with nature! Most important..berkesan ok!!
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