Hoorey DHA..

DHA or Docosahexanoic Acid  is an essential a.k.a sangat penting nutrient for healthy and normal development of our brain, eyes and nervous system...walaupun perkataan DHA selalu muncul dalam iklan susu..tak bermakna..orang dewasa tak perlukan DHA.. Pendek kata DHA ni utk otak sangat bagus yer.. It is not only vital for growing children but also for adults and preggy mommies.

WHY????? KENAPA???

DHA is proven OK, can minimize memory loss due to ageing and support overall cognitive health among elderly. Though omega-3 DHA can be found in fatty fish  e.g: Tuna, salmon and mackerel but it doesnt mean our body could gain this essential nutrient in one meal. Thus, a DHA-rich diet is a must and should be taken regularly.

DHA brings many benefits for nursing and preggy mommies as well as for their little ones. During pregnancy DHA berfungsi to support developments of brain, eye and nerveous system of the little buns, while during lactating, DHA supply for the baby is needed for overall development and coordination of the baby. Sufficient DHA can also help beat post-natal depression among new mommies. Hehehe.. mommies dalam pantang pun dapat khasiat DHA.



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